Radio Controlled Boats Perth

The Radio Controlled boats are amusement equipment which can be operated for a one-day event provided you have a suitable pool or pond available for them to operate in. However, for large events, such as the Perth Royal Show, which last 3 or more days we can provide a portable structure to hold the water.

Controlling the boats and watching them glide smoothly through glistening water is an experience which both young and old enjoy.

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Controlled Fun

For those times when they don’t want to be spun, flung around or shaken around; there is the Radio Controlled Boats. This amusement hire brings calm and controlled fun to the festival and attracts patrons of all ages from young children to adults.

The Radio Controlled Boats are prepared for collision, so don’t be afraid of giving others a good firm hit if you’re feeling mischievous.

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Please note, a minimum of 3 operating days is normally required to justify the cost/time in setting up a pool for the Radio Controlled Boats.