Cup And Saucer Ride Perth

The Cup & Saucer ride is a great classic carnival ride for the whole family with 6 brightly coloured spinning cups. A firm favourite with both young and older kids.

Each of the six teacups can spin fast or slow to suit the rider.

We can even lock the cups so they don’t spin at all for the very young or nervous rider. Parents of young children are welcome to ride too.

This ride is a must for any school fete.

Seats: 5 per cup (6 cups).

Site: Requires 8 metres in diameter.

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Light Up Your Event

Beautifully presented during the day and impressively illuminated during the night. The Cup and Saucer ride is a beacon for entertainment for young children at any event.

Have A Look Around

Colourful and attractive, the Cup and Saucer ride brings a real carnival feel to any event and is the one ride children continually rush back to for another spin. The individual cups allow children to be as timid or as mischievous as they like with different spin speeds.

The Cup and Saucer ride is likely the most accommodating amusement ride for all age groups of children.

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