Mixed Toy Ride

The Mixed Toy ride is a traditional children’s amusement ride with a mixture of toys to suit all tastes, from a space vehicle to the classic vintage car. Many of the toys have buzzers or bells to amuse the riders.

The Mixed Toy ride is our most tame and safe piece of amusement equipment for younger children. Parents are able to let even their youngest children on board and feel confident that on this kids ride, they’re not going to be spun sick, fall off, or risk injury.

We only have mature and sensible operators that we trust operating the ride. We do everything we can to make sure that all you have to do is let your kids on, and watch them have fun.

Seats: 1 child per seat. Adults may ride seated on the platform with young children.

Site: Requires 8 metres in diameter.

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A Safe & Fun Carnival Ride

They make sounds, they light up, and they’re fun! Let their minds roam free with the countless adventures they can discover on the Mixed Toy Ride.

With a variety of different cars, robots, tanks and more; the Mixed Toy Ride offers the young patrons a new experience every time they come on, and they often come back on many time

Mix Things Up

The Mixed Toy Ride perfectly complements the more adventurous rides in our other amusement hire Perth range allowing the youngest children not to be excluded from the fun.

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