Flight Simulator

This is the only mobile simulator of its type in Western Australia and is available for hire exclusively through James Doyle Amusements. Among its multiple programs, it simulates the visual, audio and physical experiences of being on a Rollercoaster, an intergalactic shoot out as well as a hot and dangerous Police chase.

This ride is suitable for all ages from 5 years upwards.

This ride only produces a queue of riders wherever it goes.

Seats: 12 persons

Site: Requires 11 metres of frontage and 5 metres in depth.

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The Simulator is often the star attraction of every fete it appears in and with multiple programs screened inside; The Simulator provides much more than just one exciting experience.

The Flight Simulator is unlike any cinema you’ve been in before. The experience moves you – literally. Feel the action as the Simulator jolts in nearly a hundred different directions as it matches the movement on screen.